Indian Blue Jeans is a jeans-related fashion label for the cool and crazy ones. The young rebels between the ages of 2 and 16 who are ready to push their boundaries and make their own rules. Discover the world, their talents, and their shortcomings. Impulsive, non-conformist, full of pleasure and enthusiasm. And of course they want to be recognized in a healthy way, while staying themselves. Whoever that may be. This calls for bravery. Indian Blue Jeans helps shape this identity and stimulates kids to develop themselves. Through affordable, good quality clothing and unique looks. Great to build confidence. Strong enough for the unpredictable and reckless characters of the kids and young adults.

What we believe

What is wealth? That's right! It’s a backpack full of great memories that give you goose bumps! Stories that make you laugh, friendships made to last a lifetime. With friends who will remain your friends forever. Even without Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. And what’s the ingredient for great stories? That’s right, guts! Naivety, courage, impulsivity. No thinking, just doing, that’s what makes you wiser. And yeah, sometimes you might end up in trouble! But that’s what makes stories great. This will help you, makes you feel alive! So if everyone is turning left, maybe we should try turning right. And whether that’s the right direction? If we go for it full of passion and commitment, we will always end up where we belong. Are you in? Yeaaaaaah! Let’s create some new awesome stories!