Autumn winter 2017


Indian Blue Jeans

No guts no stories

Indian Blue Jeans

Whether you're the 'Sporty One', are loving 'Grunge', your into the 'College' style or you’re super 'Funky'... you all have one thing in common; Guts! The Guts to be who you are. Together you will go on a journey to have the time of your life. This unforgettable trip will take you to ‘The Blue Denim Hotel’.

Go, put on those silly shoes and dare each other for a bowling match! STRIKE!! The one who loses buys the other one an enormous hamburger at the Blue Burger Bar. And then it’s time for music. Take place behind the piano and sing your 'all-time favorite' out loud. After all this you will jump on your bed in the Indian Room... what a day! But first…PILLOW FIGHT!! There is jumping on beds and feathers all over. Hell Yeah!! This is cool, this is the best sleepover ever! SEE YOU!